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Multi-Room Music + More

whole home music


All of our multi-room music systems are completely wireless designs. With easily movable speakers and components. So there’s never any need to be making a mess of things, by cutting into your drywall to install any permanent speakers. And no painful and expensive additional wiring, that ever needs to be snaked through through all your walls or ceilings.

In fact, when it comes to getting yourself a truly great sounding and easy to use whole home music system installed. We pride ourselves in offering you a wider variety of more creative and cost effective solutions, than the same old and overpriced go-to products usually offered by any of the others you will typically find.

And some of of our systems are so easy to work with, that you may even choose to simply just go and pick up the components from us, save yourself a few more bucks, and set them all up yourself if you like. The choice is yours.


Here are some of the options we usually recommend:


Option 1:  Yes, you could opt to spend a whole lot of cash on an oversold Sonos brand system. Or, you could get yourself a little bit more for your money, by going with some of the big brand name AV receiver company's integrated whole home music system offerings instead. They’re just as easy to use, with speaker performance that’s every bit as good. And they are, of course, way better integrated with the complimentary AV receivers they work with, and whatever other speakers that are already connected to them.

whole home music spkrs

stand alone music system

Option 2:  Or, if you’d prefer something that’s a little bit more flexible, that also offers a lot better “multi-source” music capability. A great alternative, is to simply go and place these surprisingly good sounding, very compact, and also fully “stereo” capable tabletop music systems, in however many rooms you want. Then network them all together, to provide yourself with the ultimate in customized whole home music system performance. Unlike other approaches, by going with these individual units, you will not only be able to play your personal PC based music library via Wi-Fi or Ethernet, but they will also allow you play music CD’s, docked iPod music, USB music files, Internet streaming channels or FM radio “separately” in each and every room. Each comes with their own handy remote control, and you can even choose to use the system like an audiophile grade clock radio, timing each of them to turn on and off whenever you want.

Option 3:  Another option that can be considered, is to convert any number of your existing older stereo systems (or new ones) or powered music speakers, into more capable high quality wireless streaming music components, by adding this small and inexpensive wireless receiver unit to each of your current systems. These units come with an easy to use smartphone app for either Apple or Android, and also provide built in streaming services from all the best online sources, as well as from Apple Airplay, Bluetooth or any music stored on PC’s. They’re designed to simultaneously deliver multiple different streams to multiple different rooms, all over your existing home Wi-Fi network. All you do is simply connect each of the units outputs directly to your corresponding device’s existing AUX stereo input jacks, and you’re good to go.

wireless music conversion

video server nas

Personal Video Servers:  For the ultimate in PVR and in-home video streaming capability, delivered to any room in the house, we can also provide you with the best rated components and applications all designed to give you the same kind of performance for all your video content, as the previously described systems provide for your music. We supply you with the components, the technology, and set it all up for you. You provide your own content, and manage the easy to use configuration in whichever way you choose.