Home Theater Video


We provide true high definition front screen projectors (either LCD or DLP versions) designed "specifically" for home theater use, with native resolutions of 1920 x 1080 pixels at 16:9 aspect ratio as a minimum. We prefer not to sell projectors with any lower resolutions.

Models with lower resolutions typically end up providing sub-standard home theater performance and picture quality, and are usually just not worth the money. To compensate for the deficiency in native resolution, these kinds of projectors require that a significant amount of complex, often distortion prone video scaling circuitry be built into their products, in order to try to project the high definition program material correctly. The results are often clearly disappointing when compared side-by-side with a real home theater projector.

To get the best possible picture and performance from any good projector, you need a proper projection screen. We provide a variety of professional quality screens from a number of the major manufacturers including motorized and acoustically transparent models depending on your requirement.

projector screen
hdmi cable

If you wish to take full advantage of the latest digital video connectivity options (HDMI) now possible with this new breed of projectors and Blu-ray players, then you definitely need to get the proper quality digital video cables, capable of working correctly over these longer distances (25 – 35 ft. or more). We sell only certified commercial grade digital video cables guaranteed to perform to broadcast quality standards, but without the monstrous price tag.

Please note that unlike the typical retail dealers we are not restricted to any specific manufacturers or brands of equipment that we might otherwise be obliged to sell. Our offerings are based entirely on extensive technical research into which particular models are currently achieving the top performance ratings in the industry and represent the best value for the dollar, as determined by independent third party test lab reports and detailed analysis of user review scoring. We then source and provide these products at very competitive prices and update the selection regularly based on the latest technical data available from the industry.


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