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audio-systems-200x150Ever wonder why your friends or neighbors audio system always sounds so much better than yours? A properly "designed", "calibrated" and "installed" system can easily outperform a system with much more expensive components.

With the increased complexity of today’s surround sound formats, this is even more true for home theater audio systems.


The main thing to remember is that the video is only half of the real home theater experience. Since without a proper home theater audio system and speakers, that fabulous high definition screen is just one big silent picture.

However, trying to match a mass market Home-Fi receiver and speakers,or home theater in-a-box package to one of these superb front projection systems always results in a completely underwhelming performance,and is clearly a futile endeavor. High definition video deserves high definition audio. So, if you want your home theater to really sound like a home theater, then do yourself a favour and get the right audio system to go with it. It really doesn't cost that much more, and you'll be so glad you did. We promise.

At True Home Theater we provide complete home theater sound systems which utilize only "best-in-class" professional series audio components from some of the worlds top audio equipment manufacturers.


acoustech system-200x150Did you know that if you're buying any of the big brand name audio manufacturers products you typically find in the retail stores, the most expensive part used to make any of the speakers they're selling is usually the box?

That's right, the speaker box! That's just how cheaply they're making most of the big box store retail brand speakers these days.

spkr partsMaybe, just maybe, we think you might want something designed the other way around, where the actual speaker components are worth more than the wooden box they're mounted in. After all, the box isn't the part making the sound, right?

Absolutely all of the retail brand speakers you find in the big box stores now suffer from this kind of corner cutting approach and it shows up in the quality of the sound.

So what do we recommend? We recommend you use smaller versions of basically the same kind of speaker systems they use behind the screens of virtually every commercial cinema in North America.

this is HTAt True Home Theater we install exactly these kinds of "horn loaded" speaker systems which utilize far better speaker components, all tastefully hidden behind an acoustically transparent projection screen. This much higher quality design offers absolutely THE best sounding and most realistic performance, and has the added advantage of the soundtrack originating from directly behind the picture itself. Just like a real cinema.

If however, you're one of the many proud technical types who prefers to have the majority of their equipment out in the open and on display, we also provide these same high quality speakers mounted on stylishly designed speaker stands combined with surface mount or motorized projection screens depending on your preference.

The bottom line is that no matter what system you choose from us, we promise the quality of the sound you'll hear in any True Home Theater installation will be far superior to that of virtually any other home theater provider you can find at anywhere close to the same price. That's our guarantee.

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