Did you know that for the same or less than the price of a large sized LCD or Plasma TV you could be watching a screen that is 4 times the size!

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Yes, it's true!

Instead of paying a premium for those heavy, awkward 50 - 80 inch flat panel TVs, you could instead be watching an absolutely spectacular image over 4 times the size, on a 106 inch diagonal screen (approx 8' x 5' and paper thin), produced by a professional home theater projector that is not much bigger than a toaster, and weighs in at approx 15 lbs!

This is definitely the ultimate in home entertainment, and once you experience it, you will never go back. There is simply nothing else like it. They work beautifully in virtually any room 10' x 15' or larger, even with the lights on. So if you like watching movies, TV specials or sports events, this is definitely "the only way to fly". Or if you simply want to get the kids out of your hair, and especially if you entertain, absolutely nothing beats the performance of a true home theater.



Our prices are lower. Call around and see for yourself. The reason we can do this is because we source components internationally, and are not locked into any specific suppliers, so our costs are often lower and we can pass these savings on to you. Our overhead is also lower. With no warehouse sized inventories, and no expensive retail space and staff to pay for, we can lower our prices even further, so once again you get the savings. Nine times out of ten, if you can find a price that's lower than ours for the same kind of installation, we'll guarantee you that the products they've quoted you are simply not the same quality. We're that sure.


From us, you get the latest best rated models available from ANY of the major manufacturers, not just the specific brands some of our competitors happen to carry, or might feel obliged to be loyal to regardless of performance or value. Since the technology changes so rapidly in this business, we base our product offerings solely on extensive technical research into which particular models are currently achieving the top performance ratings in the industry. We then select only those that represent the best value for the dollar, as determined by independent third party test lab reports and detailed analysis of user review scoring. That's why, when you buy from True Home Theater you can be sure you're getting the best performing products currently available, and at the right price. This is much better than being stuck with only the limited selection of models most other sellers have the ability to offer, or blindly picking a brand name you were told was supposed to be good, just because they happen to have the most memorable advertising hype.


Unlike the inexperienced employees working at the big box stores, we refuse to try and hard sell inadequate mass market Home - Fi and TV models to customers, when it's clear from the product specifications that they just won't do real home theater properly. What we recommend are professional grade products designed specifically for proper home theater installations. At the same time however, we also do not believe in trying to con customers into spending all sorts of money needlessly, on many of the overpriced, esoteric high end brands with smoke-and-mirrors specifications often promoted by a good number of the other home theater specialty shops. If you know what to look for (and we do), it is actually possible to decipher the products technical specifications and find out the truth about what they're asking you to pay for. At True Home Theater we spend the time doing the detailed product research, so you don't have to. So when you choose us for your installation, you can be sure you'll get the right product for the job. Not under spec'd, and not overkill.


We keep our home theater system designs efficient, neat and clean. Modern if you like. Typically, the more complex and grandiose the design, the more money you'll have to spend, and the more will often go wrong or end up breaking. So if you want an elegant, virtually hidden installation that will look great, up-to-date, and one that really works, then we're the people to call. On the other hand, if you've got your heart set on recreating one of those classic red velvet movie palaces from the 1930's, then we'd be glad to introduce you to one of our award winning construction partners to help you with this part of the project, while we take care of what makes it all work. The bonus is, since we keep our designs so straightforward, you'll find that even on most of the larger jobs all that's usually required are a few basic annotations to the existing designers' drawings and you're good to go. So unless the project is extremely complex, the majority of times we won't even charge for our design work. At True Home Theater we're all about "keeping it real". Real enough that everyone can afford to have a "True" Home Theater.


And finally, in order to make sure you get the personal service you deserve, we make certain we schedule things so that we focus all of the teams' efforts on only one or two installations at a time. At True Home Theater we want every customer's project to end up being a showcase installation. This means taking the time to do it once, right, the first time, instead of having to do things over again. This approach always ends up being less expensive in the long run, and everybody ends up happier this way. So if you'd rather do business with someone who actually cares, for a change, then give us a call and let's see what we can do.

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